Is CBD Better and Safer Than Valium and Ambien for Sleep?

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep is Harder than Ever

Sleep is one of the most important parts of life. While most exciting and noteworthy things happen while we’re awake, sleep remains an integral part of living at our fullest capacity.

It is no surprise then how many millions of people around the world have come to rely on prescription drugs like Valium and Ambien in order to fall asleep at night. From rock stars to high powered business executives, the pharmaceutical industry has decidedly created an environment where there is no problem that a pill of their making cannot fix.

However, these quick and easy solutions come with a rather large price tag, and we’re not just talking about the financial aspect. These addictive and habit-forming medications are putting an extra burden on their users by robbing them of the deep, REM (rapid eye movement) sleep required for the body to heal both physically and neurologically on a daily basis. Deprived of these essential aspects of sleep, the patient’s health suffers even more.

CBD: the Ultimate (All-Natural) Sleep Solution

cbd benefits and sleep disordersCBD reviews have demonstrated a wide range of benefits for health, and one of the best is how it enables a peaceful night of deep sleep. The cousin of THC, the natural component of cannabis that causes the euphoric “high”, CBD, or cannabidiol as it’s also known, causes no shifts in consciousness or “trips” but connects with the body’s own natural CBD receptors (yes, we actually have CBD receptors) to perform an impressive array of functions that all inevitably amount to an upgrade in your quality of life.

THC is not evil, bad, or without utility. The THC in cannabis has been found to be highly beneficial in people suffering from PTSD, and also has an effect on sleep. THC can actually help reduce sleep latency, which is the time it takes to fall asleep once you go to bed. However, it has a shortcoming in that it limits your ability to get really deep sleep.

This is where CBD comes in. CBD has been found to help people get extremely deep sleep and receive all those much-needed benefits from REM sleep. Some people actually take a small dose of THC followed by a large dose of CBD to get the right combination to deliver the perfect night’s sleep.

CBD is Not Addictive

The best part of CBD is that it’s not physically addictive. As someone who has regularly used cannabis throughout my life for extended periods of time, I have always been awe struck at how little I noticed not having cannabis with me when I would go travelling to places where it is not legal (most places outside of the United States). And yet, doing without cannabis is one of the easiest things I’ve ever done.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I miss it, but that’s mainly because I know how great it is. But I don’t feel addicted, and I go months on end without it and have no problems at all. Actually, for me, I prefer to have about a week on CBD or regular cannabis, and then several weeks without it. I find that it helps eliminate inflammation as well as reduce stress for about a week, sort of like a mini-vacation. Then it’s back to normal for a while, and I feel like the benefits follow me long after.

CBD Helps So Much More Than Just Sleep

How many people live 100% pain-free? I would venture to guess very few of us. Many people like me deal with a range of issues, from anxiety to depression, to aches and pains from injuries I experienced on the job or while playing sports. This is where CBD shines.

One time after an accident in which I totaled my car, the doctor prescribed me anti-inflammatories, painkillers, and muscle relaxers. What astounded me was the fact that cannabis literally does all of those tasks better, safer, and without risk of addiction than the pills that doctors prescribe.

CBD is quickly gaining the attention of the mainstream medical world, especially when traditional pharmaceuticals have failed. This is likely why even the FDA recently approved a drug derived mainly from CBD for the treatment of seizures. Some people have even reported giving CBD to their kids and their seizures going completely away, or giving CBD and hemp oil to their children for severe autism where there is self-harm involved, and it appears to be a miracle cure.

The Last Word on CBD for Sleep

CBD is worth a shot. With so few side effects (one of the biggest being fatigue), it could be invaluable in helping you get a proper night’s rest. risk free trial for cbd oilMy dad told me that he never slept more than a few hours at a time and he was incredibly high-strung.

I just can’t help but wonder how much better off he would have been if he would have known about CBD or had access to it during the peak of his working life.

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