How to Get Rid of the Post-Holiday Bed Bugs

Holiday Season leaves bed bugs behind

New Ways to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

bed bugs hiding in the carpetThere are constantly changing new forms of technology emerging in the fight against bed bugs, bed mites, pathogens, bacteria, and other microscopic organisms, pests, and creatures of the night that seem to come out at night after you fall asleep in your bedroom. Scientists are hailing a new bed mattress in the UK as being the first bedroom invention that can solve problems for sleepless nights and hospitals alike.

The anti bed bug mattress is said to look a lot like noodles, and this revolutionary design deviates from traditional foam mattresses because it does not absorb moisture that breeds bacteria. Another plus is that you can literally give your bed a shower to keep it clean, unlike old school beds.

A regular mattress can hold up to 10 lbs in dead skin. Scary! That’s a big attractant for bed bugs too, because bed bugs tend to be attracted to all things human- smells, carbon dioxide exhaled at night, and likely also the frequency that humans emit which insects can pick up through their antennae.

Other strategies for effective bed bug elimination

One of our YouTube viewers writes:

The easiest way to get rid of bedbugs:

1. They will never be 2 meters aware from your body at night. (If they attack at day they are attraction to carbon dioxide )
2. Get a STEAM CLEANER ( A GOOD BRAND ONE ) $70-$100 Shark.
3. You can get rid of bed bugs in 2 weeks.
4. Lift up your bed, Take it out of its CHASSIS, Go buy a PLASTIC COVER over your BED MATRESSES.
5. I didn’t even use bed bug spray.
6. I actually as a friend stayed over at a few weeks in friends homes (4), and eradicated bed bugs (FREELY)
7. Now that your bed is Out of the Boxsprings.
8. Understand bed bugs are so THIN as a BABY, you can’t even SEE it at birth. Its like a little grain of sand.
9. Take your steam cleaner, and take your time going down the entire board / every ANGLE
10. Steam all spots for 10 seconds, every damn INCH, do NOT SKIP THIS POINT.
11. IF YOU PASS 10. Guess what? You will take another 1-3 days every lazy 10 skip.

I eradicated 4 homes, you need to do this twice a day. When you wake up (EARLY 2 hours) and before you go to BED (2)

Sorry it takes TIME to kill them.

Don’t be lazy! Do this room per room. Now this is when you use DE like they show here at this site which offers an affordable solution to bed bugs.

Place it around, your beds LEGGINGS, do not use the Aircondition. This makes you feel like, your losing breath.

With pets. Be careful. It dries out your hands, quickly. Place it on the floor of your bedroom doors infested. They will search for carbon dioxide in a WHOLE HOME. Switch bedroom to sleep in, they need to EAT your blood NIGHTLY. They grow ever time they feast on your blood. They become very noticing. But a STEAM CLEANER KILLS them in 10 seconds.?

Bed Bug Prevention

The best way to prevent bed bugs is to simply tidy up, vacuum your bed down, wash your linens and sheets regularly, and avoid known spaces that harbor bedbugs. If you suspect they may be in your clothes, you can put them into a large plastic trash bag with some DE and then shake the bags rigorously.

Wash your clothes thoroughly and dry them on very high heat for 30 minutes. This kills all bed bugs and their eggs. Save your money! The costs of a bedbug exterminator can reach into the thousands of dollars for a single family home.

How to Kill Bed Bugs Yourself, Fast, Easy, Cheap and for Good!

How to Kill Bed Bugs Yourself, Fast, Easy, Cheap and for Good!

Affordable bed bug prevention strategies

Right off the bat, it’s important to seal the cracks and crevices of your home or apartment to isolate your domicile from easy access points for bed bug ingress/egress between dwelling units of your residence. Exterminators are usually the fastest way to lose a lot of money, so search your local hardware store or online for a safe and effective bed bug killer like they carry at

Bed bug sprays usually only work on contact, though some offer residual protection. The thing you must be careful for is to check the ingredients to make sure you’re not letting harmful chemicals come into contact with you and your family, or your pets.

Bed bug traps that cause the little critters to get stuck to them as well as bed bug mattress encasements can help you get rid of bed bugs equally effectively.

Stopping bed bugs from entering the apartment

get rid of bed bugs right freaking nowThe sad fact is, if you live in an apartment where even one of the units has bed bugs, there’s a good chance that more units have them- you just may not know it yet.

Residents in public housing are hit hardest by bed bug problems, and the cost is hitting over 1.2 million in some cities.

Be very wary of second-hand furniture, beds, and clothing. The thrift store is a fine place for a Saturday morning of vintage shopping, but you’ll need to take those clothes to the washateria first for some heavy duty high heat washing and drying.

Travel tips for bed bug prevention

You have to be careful to inspect that hotel room and make sure to use the luggage holder for your suitcase so that you don’t let them crawl into your bags and things to take them back home. Any hotel/motel could have bed bugs from the cheapest interstate motel to a 4 star hotel located in the heart of the commercial district.

If you suspect you have bed bugs in your hotel room, change rooms immediately, but don’t think your next room will be much better. Sometimes it’s just better to check into a different place altogether because the management does not know how to deal with the problem effectively.

The lack of affordable bed bug exterminators

Because bed bug exterminators can cost several thousand dollars for a single treatment and usually need to do 3 treatments to be sure the bed bugs are gone, many landlords opt to wait until the last second to do anything. By then it’s usually too late.

Governments are also inept and ill-equipped to deal with massive bedbug infestations too. While they spend lots of money, they are ineffective at providing a solid approach to get to the root of the problem.