Gardening is Good for Sleeping Better at Night Naturally- Here’s How to Start

why gardening is so good for you

It’s almost intuitive that gardening is going to help you sleep better at night. Anyone who’s done it can attest to that. You know how good it feels to spend a day digging, pruning, planting, seeding, and planning out in nature.

There’s something about being up close to the dirt, the soil itself, that triggers deep feelings of calm and comfort. Dirt actually has a microbiome that has been clinically proven to be a natural antidepressant.

But gardening is also a great way to cut your risk of Alzheimer’s Disease by 50%. The physical activity is great to keep you healthy and your mind engaged and sharp as you advance in years.

Gardening is Good for Mental Health and Sleep

Nature seems to be good for the soul, the spirit, your blood pressure, and your outlook on life in general. Gardening has been found to give people a fun activity where they can build self-esteem and alleviate anxiety and depression.

All this results in a person that goes to bed at night more satisfied with themselves and their time on this Earth.

How to Get Started with Gardening

Raised bed gardening is a great idea because it offers the best of soil drainage and moisture while offering access to people with disabilities to enjoy gardening too!

Most raised beds should be at a very minimum 6 inches deep, with 12 inches being the sweet spot. While buying the lumber could get expensive, there are ways to make raised beds a reality in your green space by just creating mounds of dirt or doing some upcycling by finding downed tree limbs in nearby woods.

Other Gardening Tips that Could Help You Big Time

1. When you work with raised beds in your garden, make sure to never step on top of the beds themselves putting unnecessary or potentially harmful pressure on your plants’ roots.

2. When working with your hands, always wear waterproof gloves that block out the sun to prevent sunburn, exposure to pesticides or other chemicals, like these anti-blister breathable gardening gloves.

CharmingWares easy to clean reusable gloves for yard work and gardening anti blister

Additionally, wearing gloves like this will provide wrist support and help you to avoid carpal tunnel issues from unnecessary use of hand tools.

3. Proper soil gets the best results, natural pesticides are most preferable, and always check to see the sun requirements for the plants you intend to grow. Use a natural soil enhancer like organic nitrogen or phosphorous.

Video: Top 80 Small Backyard Gardens

Gardening is fun to do by yourself. It helps you get more zzzz’s at night too so you wake up the next day feeling refreshed and rested, ready for more. It’s also an activity that brings people together and allows generations to teach each other about the stuff that really counts, the richness of a shared existence in God’s Creation.

And the best part? You get to eat it all when you’re done.

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