How Your Posture and Sitting Position Affect Your Health and Mood

Improve your posture and improve your life energy mood and health
Sitting like this for hours can cause long-term health issues

The (Many) Benefits of Good Posture

Did you know that good posture can result in a person feeling more confident and having improved appearance and social skills?

I thought you might like to know that. Who wouldn’t? Especially when you consider this:

More people are working from home and spending time on their personal computers than ever in 2021, and with it comes a range of benefits as well as shortcomings. Many issues from long hours in an awkward posture or uncomfortable position can start to become visible in your health, including those daily aches and pains many of us accumulate as we age.

We already know how important sleep posture is to our health: uncomfortable sleep results in reduced quality of sleep which brings with it a host of other problems like reduced mental acuity and overall energy in your life.

But today we’re going to be talking about that other 2/3 of the day when we’re not asleep. From the morning until evening we are constantly moving around and adjusting our seating or standing position throughout the day, and the more conscious we are of our posture the better we can manage.

How Bad Posture Hurts Our Health, Energy, Mood- and Kills Productivity

Bad Posture can cause:

  • chronic neck and back pain
  • eye strain
  • lower energy levels, poor circulation
  • poor mood
  • cause fatigue and exhaustion
  • decreased personal efficiency and productivity
  • early onset of related health complications

However, the good news is many things can be actually be done in order to decrease back, neck and shoulder pain at home during work.

In fact, we will benefit from conscientiously checking in with ourselves throughout our day to monitor how we feel, getting up for breaks to reset our body positions, as well as to get some fresh air and stay active.

We can also take measures towards improving our home office environment by elevating our laptop devices with an elevated stand, tray, or desk that puts things more on eye level instead of looking down at your table all the time, and helps if working on the couch, sofa or in bed.

3 Easy and Great Posture Tips for People Working from Home

Improving sight angle of your computer or laptop
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Healthy Posture Tip #1: Look down with your eyes, not with your head and neck.

Looking at a laptop computer screen and training our focus for long periods of time on a focal point results in neck and back strains, but even worse can cause you to have a neck that slopes down and forward instead of its natural upright position.

Eventually slouching posture while working on computer can even negatively affect your ability to breathe fully using your diaphragm. This is especially tough on people who snore.

Healthy Posture Tip #2: Good Posture Practice Starts Early

A famous Proverb states “Train up a child in the way that he should go, and when he is older he will not depart from it”. Nothing could be truer for improving our postures, and those of future generations.

Parents should be sure to limit their kids’ time spent gaming or using their computers as well as encourage breaks for physical activity. This can encourage children naturally to avoid obesity as well.

Healthy Posture Tip #3: Improve Your Seat – Don’t Dangle Your Feet

It might seem hard to believe at first, but if you will simply ensure your chair or the surface you will be seated has ample cushioning and back support, especially for your lumbar region, this will make a huge difference.

Instead of spending on an expensive office chair, you could simply go the more traditional route of having a solid wooden chair with an ergonomic back support cushion or pillow. This could have a significant impact on your spine, lower back and hips as well.

Also, you want to make sure that your feet are resting comfortably as well to support your back, legs and hips. Getting a foot rest can also help bridge the gap between your feet and the floor and prevent you from slipping down in your seat.

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