The Ultimate Stop Snoring Mouthpiece Review

stop snoring mouthpiece review
One stop snoring mouthpiece to rule them all

Millions of Americans have a snoring problem. If that’s you, don’t worry, it’s quite common and there are many things you can do to about it. This article intends to benefit others from the many years of research I’ve done on the subject of snoring and sleep apnea, and to help you avoid the pitfalls and common misconceptions when seeking a solution to this condition.

While sleep apnea and snoring may not kill you directly, when left untreated they can contribute to far worse conditions like cardio vascular disease, stroke, toxic stress, and heart attacks.

This is why it’s best to do something about it now while you still can.

Prevention: Common Causes of Snoring

First things first, let’s take a look at your sleeping position and how it affects snoring. And the winner of “best sleep position for snoring” is: sleeping on your side.

One of the biggest causes of snoring and sleep apnea, however, is a person’s weight. The more a person weighs, the more likely they will have an issue with snoring.

Instead of trying to lose weight and reduce risk factors like alcohol, smoking and medications, many folks will run out immediately and try to get a CPAP.

Why a CPAP or Surgery for Snoring/Sleep Apnea May Not be the Best Course of Action

When you go to a doctor about snoring, one of the first things they may suggest is that you undergo a sleep study. This a study where they will measure the severity and frequency of apnea episodes during your sleep. This is to get a gauge on how serious of a snoring problem you have, and if it’s indeed sleep apnea.

There are 2 types of sleep apnea: obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and central sleep apnea (CSA). Obstructive sleep apnea, where the airway becomes physically blocked during sleep, is the most common, and central sleep apnea, where the brain fails to emit signals to continue involuntary breathing while sleeping, is actually quite rare comparitively speaking.

While some people who snore may not have sleep apnea, most people who have sleep apnea do snore. In other words, snoring is often a solid indicator that it may only get worse, and going without air during sleep is not only annoying to your partner, it is bad for your health. Snoring and sleep apnea practically guarantee you miss out on all-important REM sleep, where your body heals physically and emotionally.

Many people quickly rush to get a CPAP device (continuous positive airway pressure), which is often a mistake. For one, the CPAP does not address or correct underlying risk factors for sleep apnea and snoring (which we’ll address in a moment), and 50% of people who start CPAP actually quit.

reggie white nfl player with sleep apnea

Even Super Bowl Champion Defensive End Reggie White died in his early 40’s, his CPAP lying next to his bed unused, and Stanford medical doctors believed his sleep apnea was a factor in his early death.

Once you start CPAP, you’re pretty much expected to continue for the rest of your life. So think about that long and hard before making a lifelong commitment to a machine that is dependent on electricity to operate, and forces air down your throat while you sleep.

Next, many patients who have had sleep apnea surgery have complained after the procedure that their lives were permanently changed, and not for the better. Now they gag on their own saliva at night because parts of their throat and mouth have been removed, with other severe consequences taking the place of the issues of snoring.

Risk Factors for Snoring and Sleep Apnea

One of the hardest pills to swallow for people with sleep apnea and snoring, is the realization that the primary contributor is the person’s weight. The majority of Americans are overweight, with a significant percentage actually qualifying as obese.

“If we can get people to lose weight, it would make both sleep apnea and other health problems [such as heart disease] go away,” says Dr. Lawrence Epstein of Harvard Medicine. Losing just 10% of body weight can have a big effect on sleep apnea symptoms. In some cases, losing a significant amount of weight can even cure the condition.”

Other risk factors include drinking alcohol, prescription medications (which often depress breathing), as well as smoking, genetics, sleep position, sinuses, and overall health of the person’s breathing (if they breathe deeply while awake during the day, and if they regularly exercise).

Ultimately, CPAP may be most effective at treating sleep apnea and snoring, however without major groundwork correcting underlying issues, it may be an easy out that without constant use can actually present a dangerous situation. Additionally, medical research has confirmed that alternatives to CPAP and surgery can also be viable treatments, like stop snoring mouthpieces, which are a fraction of the cost and require much less commitment.

I Tested Some of the Top FDA Cleared Stop Snoring Mouthpieces Available OTC

Two of the best over-the-counter, FDA cleared stop snoring mouthpieces are the VitalSleep Mouthpiece and the Good Morning Snore Solution. While they both work effectively to stop snoring, each has its own specific benefits that people may find desirable according to their own preferences.

Product Benefits and Differentiation

vitalsleep stop snoring mouthpiece reviewThe VitalSleep Stop Snoring Mouthpiece is a mandibular advancement device, which means that it helps keep your jaw in place during sleep so that your chin and jaw do not slip back towards your throat and constrict your airway at night.

good morning snore solution reviewThe Good Morning Snore Solution is a tongue retention device, which holds your tongue at the front of your mouth during sleep to ensure that your jaw, chin, and mouth do not slip backwards towards your neck and cause a blocked airway.

Both mouthpieces are effective, made from safe BPA-free material, and made in the USA or Canada. Both companies offer the option to try their product risk-free so that if you do not like the product after buying and using it, you may return it and get your money back within a certain timeframe.

Note: these are not the cheap made-in-China low quality mouthpieces being sold on, which illegally claim to be “FDA Approved”. These are the real deal FDA cleared stop snoring mouthguards which can help you get rid of your snoring problem immediately, with zero financial or physical health risk.

Most of the Time, Losing Weight WILL Greatly Reduce Snoring and Sleep Apnea Symptoms, According to Harvard Doctors

Conclusion on Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Snoring and sleep apnea can cause a whole array of other potentially life-threatening consequences if left untreated. We hope that whatever option you choose, that you will still commit to doing the work to take care of all contributing risk factors under your control.

Making the decision to exercise only 3 times a week will have far-reaching positive benefits on your health and well being, and may even inspire the people around you in your life. The best thing is, you don’t have to start by running a marathon to get fast results. You can simply make the conscious choice to go to the park or take a brisk 30-minute walk around the neighborhood.

You might just be surprised by how good you feel.

Good luck and take care 🙂

best sleep positions to stop snoring naturally

Sleep Apnea and the Link between Covid 19, COPD, Asthma, and Pneumonia

Doctors Explore Link between Covid-19 and Sleep Disorders

Coronvirus Deaths Link to Pneumonia

While some doctors have even spoken out against the strict measures enacted as a knee-jerk reaction to the Covid outbreak, saying it was doing more harm than good, one thing’s for certain, in the actual people who have died, the un-elected experts have determined pneumonia played the largest role in Covid 19 deaths.

Or maybe they just started marking down pneumonia deaths as Covid 19 deaths. After all, even motorcycle crash accidents have been labeled as being killed by coronavirus.

Now consider that the Canadian Medical Association Journal said “sleep apnea confers a higher risk for future pneumonia” and you’ll start to see how eliminating your snoring problem and/or sleep apnea is more important than ever.

pneumonia fluid in lungs

One of the biggest risk factors for Covid 19 pneumonia was asthma and other respiratory problems. Now consider the additional link with sleep apnea:

* People with asthma are 40% more likely to develop sleep apnea

* The risk of people with sleep apnea to develop pneumonia is 9% higher than normal, and the risk of pneumonia was higher in patients that used CPAP

* COPD and emphysema, while not known to be caused by sleep apnea, can also make breathing that much more difficult in those who have several of the conditions at the same time.

covid 19 pneumonia death link to sleep apneaIt’s what I’ve been sayin for years: maybe when it comes to your snoring problem, using a CPAP, which is essentially a machine with a tube that forces constant air pressure down your nose or throat at night for 7 – 9 hours every night for the foreseeable future- might not be the best option.

Considering the recent hoopla over the Covid 19 coronavirus “pandemic”, some news has emerged which has painted the practice of putting patients on ventilators as being potentially fatal in itself. Without going into the debate or picking a side, I will share an interesting quote that I skimmed from the doctor being interviewed in the article:

Ventilators do have side effects. Because a machine is breathing for them, patients often experience a weakening of their diaphragm and all the other muscles involved with drawing breath… When all these muscles become weaker, it becomes more difficult for you to breathe on your own when you’re ready to be liberated from the ventilator,” Chaddha said.

Maybe a Breathing Tube is Not a Solution After All

cpap patients higher pneumonia riskMy opinion has always been, if you can solve a problem on the lowest level, then that is usually the best option.

Doctors have expressed that most of sleep apnea and snoring patients are overweight and not active enough. This is how the neck and throat tissue can become heavier and constrict airflow during sleep.

Read this article if you don’t believe me: Weight loss, breathing devices still best for treating obstructive sleep apnea.

And so while my videos on YouTube about snoring have been hammered hard over the last 3 years by commenters for daring to suggest that people should first exercise, lose weight, and avoid any type of mechanical device that shoots air down your throat (which you’re expected to use every night) until you just absolutely have to- I still believe those are necessary steps to be taken along the way in any case.

stop snoring mouthpiece deviceThat’s also why I recommended a couple of great OTC, FDA-cleared devices for snoring on this website, and recommend sleep apnea patients explore mouthpieces first with their doctors before thinking a CPAP is the only option.

Reducing Risk Seems to Be Key in Avoiding Deadly Pneumonia

Pneumonia seems to be one of the biggest factors to Covid 19 deaths (according to their statistics), and if nothing else, reducing one’s risk to pneumonia should be a priority among people with respiratory problems as soon as possible, because it’s not uncommon to die from the common cold if you have many other complicating factors.

This is not medical advice, just one guy’s opinion. My goal is to simply share information which I found interesting and hopefully useful to others.

How to Get Rid of the Post-Holiday Bed Bugs

Holiday Season leaves bed bugs behind

New Ways to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

bed bugs hiding in the carpetThere are constantly changing new forms of technology emerging in the fight against bed bugs, bed mites, pathogens, bacteria, and other microscopic organisms, pests, and creatures of the night that seem to come out at night after you fall asleep in your bedroom. Scientists are hailing a new bed mattress in the UK as being the first bedroom invention that can solve problems for sleepless nights and hospitals alike.

The anti bed bug mattress is said to look a lot like noodles, and this revolutionary design deviates from traditional foam mattresses because it does not absorb moisture that breeds bacteria. Another plus is that you can literally give your bed a shower to keep it clean, unlike old school beds.

A regular mattress can hold up to 10 lbs in dead skin. Scary! That’s a big attractant for bed bugs too, because bed bugs tend to be attracted to all things human- smells, carbon dioxide exhaled at night, and likely also the frequency that humans emit which insects can pick up through their antennae.

Other strategies for effective bed bug elimination


One of our YouTube viewers writes:

The easiest way to get rid of bedbugs:

1. They will never be 2 meters aware from your body at night. (If they attack at day they are attraction to carbon dioxide )
2. Get a STEAM CLEANER ( A GOOD BRAND ONE ) $70-$100 Shark.
3. You can get rid of bed bugs in 2 weeks.
4. Lift up your bed, Take it out of its CHASSIS, Go buy a PLASTIC COVER over your BED MATRESSES.
5. I didn’t even use bed bug spray.
6. I actually as a friend stayed over at a few weeks in friends homes (4), and eradicated bed bugs (FREELY)
7. Now that your bed is Out of the Boxsprings.
8. Understand bed bugs are so THIN as a BABY, you can’t even SEE it at birth. Its like a little grain of sand.
9. Take your steam cleaner, and take your time going down the entire board / every ANGLE
10. Steam all spots for 10 seconds, every damn INCH, do NOT SKIP THIS POINT.
11. IF YOU PASS 10. Guess what? You will take another 1-3 days every lazy 10 skip.

I eradicated 4 homes, you need to do this twice a day. When you wake up (EARLY 2 hours) and before you go to BED (2)

Sorry it takes TIME to kill them.

Don’t be lazy! Do this room per room. Now this is when you use DE to kill bed bugs:

Place it around, your beds LEGGINGS, do not use the Aircondition. This makes you feel like, your losing breath.

With pets. Be careful. It dries out your hands, quickly. Place it on the floor of your bedroom doors infested. They will search for carbon dioxide in a WHOLE HOME. Switch bedroom to sleep in, they need to EAT your blood NIGHTLY. They grow ever time they feast on your blood. They become very noticing. But a STEAM CLEANER KILLS them in 10 seconds.?

Bed Bug Prevention

The best way to prevent bed bugs is to simply tidy up, vacuum your bed down, wash your linens and sheets regularly, and avoid known spaces that harbor bedbugs. If you suspect they may be in your clothes, you can put them into a large plastic trash bag with some DE and then shake the bags rigorously.

Wash your clothes thoroughly and dry them on very high heat for 30 minutes. This kills all bed bugs and their eggs. Save your money! The costs of a bedbug exterminator can reach into the thousands of dollars for a single family home.

Le problème des punaises de lit en français et ce que vous pouvez faire pour y remédier

Comment se débarrasser des punaises de litLes punaises de lit sont un problème qui ne peut plus être ignoré. C’est pourquoi cette urgence de contrôle des nuisibles est désormais au premier plan de la conversation nationale sur la santé. Lorsque les punaises des lits assistent à une réunion du conseil municipal dans une ville moyenne de Paris en France, chassant une grande partie du public de l’immeuble, vous savez qu’il y a un problème.

Bien qu’il soit un peu étrange en surface au moins de trouver des punaises de lit dans un immeuble gouvernemental, cela s’explique facilement. Pour être honnête, les punaises de lit vont cacher l’endroit où les gens se rassemblent et où il y a du tissu. C’est pourquoi l’aéroport de Toronto, en Ontario, a dû retirer la section de sièges de l’un de ses terminaux au Canada, il y a quelques années.

En ce qui concerne les cachettes et les déplacements, les punaises des lits sont très faciles à vivre et pleines de ressources. Ils aiment que les lieux très fréquentés bénéficient d’un flux constant de visiteurs, car cela signifie inévitablement plus de choix de dîners pour une punaise de lit en fin de journée.

Punaises de Lit


Même si vous n’avez peut-être pas beaucoup de contrôle sur les sièges d’autobus, de train, d’avion, de cinéma, de médecin ou partout où se cachent les punaises de lit, vous pouvez prendre des mesures actives pour protéger votre maison aujourd bogues.

La première et la plus importante chose à faire est d’organiser au mieux votre maison afin d’éliminer toute image de fond et d’éliminer les cachettes des cimex lectularius, les punaises de lit.

Deuxièmement, si vous soupçonnez une infestation de punaises de lit active, l’étape suivante consiste à emporter tous vos vêtements et votre linge de maison dans une laverie automatique, puis à les sécher, puis à la chaleur industrielle, faites chauffer tous vos biens en tissu. La chaleur élevée va tuer les punaises des lits, mais aussi et surtout, les œufs de punaises des lits.

L’une des deux plus grandes erreurs commises par les personnes qui luttent contre les punaises des lits est de penser qu’elles doivent acheter un type de spray anti-punaises des lits. La raison en est psychologique, parce que les gens supposent que quelque chose qui soit efficace pour tuer doit venir sous la forme d’une arme à feu, ce que le spray imite de très près.

Le problème des sprays anti-punaises qui tuent au contact est qu’ils ne retirent pas les œufs qui sont bien cachés dans les fentes de votre matelas, sommier, cadre de lit, dans les fentes des murs ou sous le tapis.

Comment se débarrasser des punaises de lit

La deuxième plus grosse erreur est de supposer que seul un exterminateur de punaises de lit va résoudre votre problème de punaises de lit. En réalité, un exterminateur peut résoudre votre problème de punaises de lit, mais cela peut coûter très cher et utiliser des produits chimiques qui ne sont peut-être pas la chose la plus sûre pour votre famille, en particulier si vous avez de jeunes enfants ou des animaux qui aiment ramper autour de chez vous.

Le grand secret pour éliminer les punaises des lits est en fait incroyablement simple. Une fois que vous avez éliminé le fouillis et assaini vos vêtements, vous pouvez poser une barrière de protection qui protège activement votre maison des punaises des lits. C’est si simple, mais la plupart des gouvernements n’informeront tout simplement pas les citoyens de l’existence d’une solution aussi abordable, naturelle et sûre.

Cette solution est connue sous le nom de silice d’eau douce amorphe. C’est un type de saleté particulier qui se trouve au fond des lacs du monde entier. Il s’agit d’une substance poudreuse constituée de composants appelés diatomées, restes fossilisés d’algues autrefois vivantes. Au niveau microscopique, ils sont coupants comme des rasoirs, ce qui pénètre dans l’exosquelette et provoque la déshydratation d’une punaise de lit. La punaise de lit finit par perdre tous ses fluides internes et périt.

Poudre naturel et efficace pour punaises des lits

La silice d’eau douce amorphe est également intéressante car elle reste bonne pour toujours tant qu’elle est sèche. Cela signifie qu’une fois que la vie d’un œuf de punaise de lit atteint son apogée à 21 jours et qu’elle éclot, la punaise de lit peut inévitablement ramper à travers elle, devenir affectée et mourir.

La meilleure partie de cette poudre magique de punaises de lit? Une grande partie est tellement sûre que les humains le mangent réellement. En plus de cela, de petites quantités sont introduites dans les denrées alimentaires de la nation via des aliments pour bétail destinés à tuer les parasites internes des vaches, des porcs, et la poudre est même jetée par terre dans les poulaillers pour maintenir les problèmes de puces, de tiques et de chat. à un minimum.

N’oubliez pas que vous n’aurez plus besoin d’acheter des produits chimiques toxiques, des aérosols ou de dépenser beaucoup d’argent pour un exterminateur, car cette poudre pour punaises des lits convient également à tous les insectes rampants.

Bonne chance et merci d’avoir lu cet article et visité mon site Web pour en savoir plus sur cet incroyable produit naturel!

Chirurgie et arrêt du ronflement: une intervention médicale est-elle la solution à votre apnée du sommeil?

ronflement et apnée du sommeil aideL’Institut national de la santé a constaté que les chirurgies au laser classiques pratiquées sur des patients souffrant d’apnée du sommeil et de ronflement n’avaient pas permis d’obtenir un résultat concluant quant à leur efficacité:

Ces études ne fournissent aucune preuve de l’effet de l’uvulopalatoplastie ou de l’ablation par radiofréquence assistée au laser sur la somnolence diurne, la réduction de l’apnée, la qualité de vie ou le ronflement.

Ceci est cohérent avec les autres hiérarchies établies de traitement de l’apnée du sommeil: CPAP> ​​appareils pour appareils buccaux> appareil de chirurgie de l’apnée du sommeil

Selon le Dr Lawrence Epstein, directeur médical adjoint de la médecine du sommeil clinique au Brigham and Women’s Hospital, affilié à Harvard:

Bien que perdre du poids soit plus facile à dire qu’à faire, cela peut donner de vrais résultats. “Si nous pouvions amener les gens à perdre du poids, cela ferait disparaître l’apnée du sommeil et d’autres problèmes de santé [comme les maladies cardiaques]”, explique le Dr Epstein. Une perte de seulement 10% du poids corporel peut avoir un effet important sur les symptômes de l’apnée du sommeil. Dans certains cas, perdre une quantité importante de poids peut même guérir la maladie.

L’apnée du sommeil et le ronflement sont des types très répandus de troubles du sommeil chez environ 80 millions d’Américains, et 80% de ces personnes ne sont ni diagnostiquées ni traitées. Le résultat de toutes ces privations de sommeil se traduit par des milliards de dollars de dommages et de pertes de productivité pour l’économie.

Arrêtez le ronflement embouchures qui travaillent pour arrêter le ronflement

Souvent, un simple dispositif anti-ronflement approuvé par la FDA ou le Conseil canadien de la santé suffit à réduire considérablement les problèmes de ronflement. Il est abordable, sûr et vous n’avez pas besoin d’une ordonnance ni de plusieurs visites chez le médecin pour obtenir un soulagement immédiat. Découvrez la solution Good Morning Snore et voyez ce que les autres disent.

Un traitement efficace fou mais prouvé pour l'apnée du sommeil: Chant

Pour ceux d’entre nous qui chantons ou qui ont fait des leçons de chant, des séances d’entraînement et des échauffements, ce n’est pas un effort mental ni des cordes vocales de voir immédiatement l’utilité d’exercer la gorge spécifiquement pour traiter l’apnée du sommeil.

Mais c’est vrai à 100%, la pratique vocale peut aussi traiter l’apnée du sommeil:

Une étude publiée dans l'International Journal of Otolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery a conclu que:

«Améliorer le tonus et la force des muscles pharyngés avec un programme d'exercices de chant quotidiens de 3 mois réduit la gravité, la fréquence et l'intensité du ronflement et améliore les symptômes de l'apnée du sommeil légère à modérée».

Une autre étude réalisée à l'Université d'Exeter a conclu que:

"Le ronflement était en moyenne réduit, en particulier chez les sujets qui effectuaient les exercices avec précision et cohérence".

Avec toutes ces options disponibles, il est facile de voir à quel point arrêter le ronflement et vaincre efficacement l’apnée du sommeil est davantage une question de discipline et d’activité physique régulière, plutôt qu’une intervention chirurgicale inutile.

Bien qu'aucun chirurgien n'ait jamais acheté une nouvelle Ferrari à cause de cela. Mais je suis sûr qu’ils ne perdent pas leur sommeil en raison de la douleur et des complications que l’opération de l’apnée du sommeil peut causer.

solution numéro 1 au ronflement et pour l'apnée du sommeil


How to Kill Bed Bugs Yourself, Fast, Easy, Cheap and for Good!

How to Kill Bed Bugs Yourself, Fast, Easy, Cheap and for Good!

Affordable bed bug prevention strategies

Right off the bat, it’s important to seal the cracks and crevices of your home or apartment to isolate your domicile from easy access points for bed bug ingress/egress between dwelling units of your residence. Exterminators are usually the fastest way to lose a lot of money, so search your local hardware store or online for a safe and effective bed bug killer like they carry at

Bed bug sprays usually only work on contact, though some offer residual protection. The thing you must be careful for is to check the ingredients to make sure you’re not letting harmful chemicals come into contact with you and your family, or your pets.

Bed bug traps that cause the little critters to get stuck to them as well as bed bug mattress encasements can help you get rid of bed bugs equally effectively.

Stopping bed bugs from entering the apartment

get rid of bed bugs right freaking nowThe sad fact is, if you live in an apartment where even one of the units has bed bugs, there’s a good chance that more units have them- you just may not know it yet.

Residents in public housing are hit hardest by bed bug problems, and the cost is hitting over 1.2 million in some cities.

Be very wary of second-hand furniture, beds, and clothing. The thrift store is a fine place for a Saturday morning of vintage shopping, but you’ll need to take those clothes to the washateria first for some heavy duty high heat washing and drying.

Travel tips for bed bug prevention

You have to be careful to inspect that hotel room and make sure to use the luggage holder for your suitcase so that you don’t let them crawl into your bags and things to take them back home. Any hotel/motel could have bed bugs from the cheapest interstate motel to a 4 star hotel located in the heart of the commercial district.

If you suspect you have bed bugs in your hotel room, change rooms immediately, but don’t think your next room will be much better. Sometimes it’s just better to check into a different place altogether because the management does not know how to deal with the problem effectively.

The lack of affordable bed bug exterminators

Because bed bug exterminators can cost several thousand dollars for a single treatment and usually need to do 3 treatments to be sure the bed bugs are gone, many landlords opt to wait until the last second to do anything. By then it’s usually too late.

Governments are also inept and ill-equipped to deal with massive bedbug infestations too. While they spend lots of money, they are ineffective at providing a solid approach to get to the root of the problem.